Ceramic coatings

 What are they, and what do they do and don’t do?

 To start, everyone knows wax.  It’s a temporary product you repeatedly apply to protect your paint and enhance its looks, right?  At best, a coat of wax will give you 3-4 months of protection.  That protection is only somewhat durable.

Ceramic Coatings, on the other hand, offer much better protection from the elements and last much longer than traditional wax.  Coatings are hand applied to the paint that bonds at a molecular level to create a durable layer to protect your paint.  Think of a ceramic coating like the screen protector on your cell phone.  You protect your phone from damage, right?  Protecting your paint from damage will save you far more money than that screen protector.  It will protect your car’s exterior from things like tree sap, bird droppings, UV rays, and bug guts.  Your vehicle will stay cleaner longer!  Moreover, paint coatings have a self-cleaning effect, so dirt and debris will not stick, making washing much easier.  Not only will your vehicle be protected, but it will also have a much more glossy finish after the coating is applied; that’s just one of the added benefits.

 Okay, we’ve sold you the benefits of a coating, but let’s discuss the realities.  A ceramic coating isn’t a suit of armor.  Your paint is still subject to damage, such as rock chips, scratches from branches and shrubs, and vandalism.  And, of course, if those bug guts or bird droppings are left on the paint for an extended amount of time, they will still cause paint etching.  If anyone tells you differently, run away.  Coatings also need regular maintenance.  Think of it as getting your engine overhauled.  You’d still change the oil and do tune-ups.  Frequent washings, using the correct products and procedures will help maintain the performance of the coating.

Ceramic Coating Prices:

Starting at:

  • 1 Year Ceramic Coating $400
    W/1 Step Paint Correction $800
  • 3 Year Ceramic Coating $650
    W/1 Step Paint Correction $1050
  • 5 Year Ceramic Coating $850
    W/1 Step Correction $1250
  • 7 Year Ceramic Coating $1400
    Includes 1-Step Correction

Ceramic Sealants

Ceramic Sealant is a cost-effective alternative to ceramic coatings. While it won’t have all the benefits of a coating, it’s still much better than old conventional waxes that only last a few months. You will undoubtedly gain gloss and hydrophobic properties, so you’ll see that water beading everyone loves. A sealant generally offers 6-10 months of protection from the elements. 

Paint correction

Paint correction services are a great way to maintain the integrity of your vehicle and its paint. There are many different reasons why you might want to consider this as an option for restoring the look and shine of your vehicle.

Paint correction is the most effective way to remove paint imperfections, such as swirl marks and other blemishes. Scratches and swirls are usually caused by improper washing, tree sap, acid rain and bird droppings among other things. Once paint defects are removed, it is an ideal time to add some form of protection. Whether it’s a polymer paint sealant or one of our longer lasting ceramic coatings. The option is yours.

This is where our 40+ years dealing with automotive paint comes into play. Knowing what techniques, equipment and products to use to get the job done as thoroughly, safely, and efficiently possible is paramount.

For the new car owners out there, we see many brand-new cars full of swirls and minor scratches straight from the dealerships. Most dealers are not detailers. They could very well have washed and dried your new vehicle incorrectly, causing paint damage.

Protecting the appearance of your car is part of the ownership experience. While you might not obsess over keeping your car exterior pristine like some, avoiding unnecessary wear and tear and preserving the value of your car by protecting the paint is of paramount importance. Long-lasting protection is the main reason car owners should choose ceramic coating over other paint protection options. A ceramic coating protects your car and helps prevent water spots, road grime, bird droppings, and other debris from damaging your paint.

Paint Enhancement

As the name implies, this operation will enhance the paint and refresh it. We’re not looking to do much in the way of defect removal here. The only intent is to knock down some of the fading and oxidation to reveal some new paint. The paints color and gloss should return nicely. This service begins at $150 for the average size passenger car and prices vary depending on the size of the vehicle.

1 Step Correction

This is an extremely popular selection and most cars can benefit from this level of correction. A good 50-70% of swirls, micro marring and minor scratching should be removed. The finish will look much deeper and will add a great deal of gloss to the finish. Some deeper, more severe imperfections will remain. Our 1 Step Paint Corrections start at $400 for the average passenger car, with trucks, vans and SUV’s at additional costs.

2 Step Correction

In this procedure, we will compound the paint, with the goal of 75-80% defect removal, then finish it off with a machine polish for a deep shine. Here, deeper and heavier scratches should be eliminated. However, there will likely be some remaining damage that is too severe to be removed without painting. Today’s newer vehicles are delivered with much thinner paint on them than ever before. Therefore, this may not be an option on your vehicle. With the additional work involved, the 2 Step Paint Correction starts at $700, and as above, the price increases with larger vehicles.

3 Step Correction

We’re talking show quality prep here. We start by wet sanding the finish to level off imperfections as smooth as possible. That is followed by a heavy compounding to remove the sanding marks. Then we machine polish the paint as near to a showroom finish as possible. This is extremely time consuming and can get quite expensive. Most car owners won’t need, or want, this type of service. But for those that do, we’re proud to offer it. Since this service is based on an “as-needed” basis, prices can vary greatly, but an average passenger car will start at $1200 with the price increasing with both the size of the vehicle and the complexity of the job. 

Additional services

Glass Coatings

Our glass coatings will make driving in inclement weather safer, since the water will shed off the glass as you drive. Your wipers will almost become a thing of the past (the legal department gets concerned when we say that). That increased visibility can increase your reaction time by up to 34%, helping you avoid any potential hazards. Bug splatters and bird droppings can be washed away effortlessly. In the colder seasons, frost, ice and snow is much easier to remove. The coating can also reduce glare and protect against acid rain and water spotting. You receive a 3-year warranty on your service and it covers seasonal reminders to have the coating refreshed to keep it performing at it’s best.

Interior Coatings

Life happens, don’t let a mess cause you stress. Protect the interior of your vehicle from everyday mishaps such as beverage spills, fast food droppings, stains, fading and discoloration from the sun’s UV rays. Additionally, rips and tears up to 1 inch in length and punctures and burns up to ¼ inch in diameter are also covered. There are 3- and 5-year warranty options for protecting your cars’ interior.

Wheel Coatings

Yes, wheels are important and they’re one of the first things to get dirty. It’s not just dirt you should be worried about. Most of the “stuff” on your wheels is brake dust. That dust can be very acidic and will etch into the finish of your wheels rather quickly. Having your wheels coated will not only make them look better, it will help protect them from brake dust as well as the strong chemicals used to clean wheels and tires. We offer the option to coat either the face of the wheels or the face and inner barrels which includes removing the wheels from the vehicle.

Headlight Reconditioning

Are your headlights looking faded and dull? You’re not along. This happens to many vehicles today thanks to the material the lenses are made from and the sun’s UV rays. Replacing headlamps can be extremely expensive as can the cost of labor to install them. You’ll also want to avoid the urge to buy cheap headlights from the internet. Many fit poorly, perform well below factory standards and generally don’t hold up very well. But all is not lost, we can polish and restore the headlight to improve the look and make night time driving much safer. You often don’t notice how much brightness the head lights lose over time, as it happens slowly. Once restored you’ll see the difference. We stand behind our service for 12 months and coat the newly restored lenses with a ceramic coating.

Note: due to age and other factors, not all headlights are candidates for and some results are better than other. Stop by today for an evaluation.

Plastic Trim Restoration

Hardly anything detracts from a shiny car more than dead, dull plastic trim. Car manufacturers are using more and more plastic with every new model. And here’s a news flash, they’re using cheaper and less durable materials as well. Yes, you can buy products that shine them up…for a while. Then do that over and over, month after month. OR, you have us restore the plastic trim to like new condition with products that ACTUALLY WORK! We use professional quality products, that not only look good, but actually restores the black to the plastics. Most applications last anywhere from 6 months to a year. Stop putting up with tired [looking?] trim.

Paint Chip Touch Up

Got Chips? Of course, you do, and you always will. It’s just the nature of today’s cars and their thinner paint. Road debris is just sitting there, waiting for the car in front of you to throw it up into the air, for your car to smack into it. The result, a rock chip! We’ve all seen the effects.

What are your options? Well, you could visit your local neighborhood body shop and have the added expense of a repair. Not to mention the days without your car. Yes, it will “probably” match and hopefully there won’t be any imperfections or overspray. Remember, it’s never as durable as the factory applied finish. Oh, by the way, those rocks that caused the original chips, they’re still out there, waiting for an encore performance to do their thing all over again. Many times, within the next few months, so all that time and money just got wasted.

But that’s not the end of the story, using our paint touch up method, the chips can be “camouflaged”. They’re not gone, but from four or five feet away they’re virtually unnoticeable. Most touch up services can be performed in a couple of hours and usually cost around $100-$200 depending on severity. Take it from a guy with 4 decades of paint and body experience, THIS is the best value there is. Stop by today for an evaluation.

Odor Removal Service

Odor removal in an automobile involves the process of eliminating or reducing unwanted smells present inside your car. Whether it’s the lingering smell of food, cigarette/marijuana smoke, pet odors, or any other unpleasant scent, there are several methods to address and eliminate these odors effectively. We can also change the vehicle’s cabin filter (if equipped) to help prevent the odors from returning.